Istanbul, Turkey--(Newsfile Corp. - May 28, 2022) - NBO, a group of young and innovative companies in Turkey, announced that it has decided to invest in Web 3.0 in partnership with Dapprex. NBO, which has taken a step to catch up with the developing technology from the very beginning, has started to work to be a pioneer in this field.

Thanks to Web 3.0, internet technologies continue to develop rapidly. Having a great importance and value in this technology, Dapprex has directed all investment decisions to Turkey. Regarding this decision, which includes an investment activity of 40 million dollars, Dapprex CEO and NBO Holding CFO, Utku ALPAGUT, said:

"We are very excited about the investment activities that we will do in our country. Within our company, we provide training to many interns in the field of software technologies as an opportunity for our youth. In this way, we want to support our young people to develop themselves and contribute to new activities and projects. Their success will make great contributions to both our company and our industry." - NBO Holding CFO and Dapprex CEO, Utku ALPAGUT

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Utku Alpagut

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Working on Establishing an Academy in the Field of Web 3.0

The company stated that an academy has begun to be established so that people can reach more accurate information in this area by preventing information pollution in the field of web 3.0. They seem to draw a lot of attention to the importance of education so that this new technology can be better integrated into business life.

"Education in business life has always been very important to us. It is especially important to understand such new technologies. Based on this need, we decided to establish an academy. Our efforts to establish an academy for our company in order to train more talented people in this sector continue at full speed. Thanks to the students trained in this academy, Turkey will rise to much better levels in the field of internet technologies and web 3.0." Nazım Burak Olcay - Chairman of NBO Holding

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Nazım Burak Olcay & Utku Alpagut

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This New Technology Will Change A Lot Of Things

All over the world, steps are persistently taken on this new technology. The company, which wants to make Turkey one of the leading countries in this field, emphasizes the importance of instant data:

"Without data today and in the future, no industry, especially production, has a chance to develop. Instant data is critical in the digital world. It has become a necessity to act with data to be collected from every point at the stage of instant monitoring of production activities from start to finish, better monitoring and control of processes, and immediate intervention to problems. At this point, the internet of things (IoT) comes to the aid of companies that want to achieve transformation in production. We can say that the key concept of the 4th industrial revolution is the 'internet of things'. With this industrial revolution, the internet will act as a bridge between the physical and virtual worlds. Objects will be in constant communication with each other and with people. Objects that are connected to each other and people over the Internet will learn and decide for themselves how to behave, as they exchange real-time data." - Utku ALPAGUT, CFO of NBO Holding and CEO of Dapprex

In this context, it seems that NBO Holding will set out to take the necessary steps for the golden age of technology with all organizations in the field of informatics, especially with Dapprex.

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